How to unblock Telegram in Russia?

Last updated on April 23rd, 2018 in News

What happened with Telegram in Russia? If you live in Russia and are unable to use your Telegram messaging application it is due decisions of Russian government regarding this service. Don’t worry – we have a way to unblock Telegram in Russia. 

Telegram – what is the problem?

Just in case some of you are not sure what is going on. Telegram is a free, non-commercial internet communicator – like Skype, Messenger and others. One of its great features were the fact, that messages sent through Telegram were very securely encrypted. This is something Russian government did not like. Russian authorities wish to have full control and access to all data and user details. All companies that wish to operate in Russia need to use Russian servers, on Russian territory. And FSB – Russian security agency – needs to have clear and unrestricted access to all data they will deem necessary/important. All services that refused to comply with this are officially not available for Russian Internet users – for example LinkedIn. You may also remember our article about Facebook ban

For months Russian authorities asked Telegram service for full access to encrypted messages. Telegram refused. as of today, 15 millions IP addresses associated with the service have been blocked by Russian ISP’s. You can read more about it in this article.

How to unblock Telegram in Russia?

As with many other services and situations like that VPN connection is your best bet. Connect to any of our 29 servers and through them unblock Telegram in Russia. VPN has and additional bonus for you. Your Russian ISP will have no control or knowledge over your online activities when you use VPN. They will not be able to tell if you connect to Telegram. You will also be safe if you wish to post comments regarding Russian politics in the internet as your real IP address will be hidden. If you wish to use free and unrestricted Internet without supervision of Russian authorities get yourself an good VPN – like ours! You are all welcome to try our services firs to make sure they work as promised. To start your free trial click below to register.

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