How to watch Hulu Plus outside US

hulu blogWhat are two, the most popular VOD services in the world with full feature films, tv shows and tv series? Yes, you are correct – Netflix and Hulu. Today we bring you excellent news regarding Hulu and its premium service – Hulu Plus. Today we tell you how to watch Hulu Plus outside USA.

Netflix has shown the way…

Most of you know Netflix. You must heave heard about it even if it is not officially available in your country. However Netflix made a smart move (or rather did not make one) where its subscription based service is concerned. Although it will not allow you to access its content without US VPN server or US Smart DNS service it will allow you to subscribe and pay for subcription. What that means is, that even if you live outside of USA with right tools – VPN that changes your IP to US or Smart DNS you can actually use the service without any difficulties. Hulu choose a bit different way, but now it seems like they have changed their policy.

Hulu Free & Hulu Plus outside US…

Hulu for quite a while now has offered two models of service (now choice is actually bigger and we will get to this in upcoming post)  for its  customers. First one option offers free access, but it has some limitations. You have to watch ads before and during the show. Also selection of content is much smaller. You can watch new episodes of popular shows however they are available only for short periods of time. Next limitation is lack of access to whole seasons of new and older shows. Than there is lower quality of the video stream. Lastly, you can not use free Hulu service on any mobile device, TV or in applications. Also, for quite a while Hulu has actively fought with VPN services. Currently HideIPVPN clients can enjoy unrestricted access to Hulu both via US VPN and Smart DNS!

Limitations we have described above are mostly (the ads are still there) eliminated by premium service – Hulu Plus. But, until recently it was not possible to subscribe to Hulu Plus outside USA. During registration Hulu asks for credit card number (just like Netflix). Where Netflix accepted any card Hulu was more demanding. They accepted only US issued cards.

Hulu Plus outside USA for everyone!

Seems to us, that cash brought in by users (even if they are not form US) is important. Officially nothing has changed. Hulu is still USA service only. We for the fact that changes must have been made. We have managed to register AND PAY without any issues for Hulu Plus service with non US, European credit card. So, if you got VPN & Smart DNS or only Smart DNS you can now pay and enjoy Hulu Plus outside US on any device!

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