How to watch or follow F1 live online

The 2010 season of Formula 1 has started last Sunday with the victory of Fernando Alonso. If you are a F1 fan you may have many options to watch it only, but there are some.

How to watch or follow F1 2010 live online

Viewers in the UK can see all F1 sessions live via the BBC iPlayer. As you probably know, BBC iPlayer is not available for users outside UK, but you can bypass the filters by using one of our Premium VPN Package.

Here’s some other link to watch live F1 online (they may not be available in your area):

Also there a few more ways to watch F1. You can follow the timing live at the official F1 website Registration is required. McLaren provides a live telemetry service for their cars during Grand Prix weekends. Find it at their hompageAutosport also provide a live text service.

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