HULU follows Netflix with original content

 As you know, because we already informed you about it, soon you will be able (if you got Netflix subscription) to watch brand new shows exclusive to Netflix. Now, it seems like Hulu will follow the step.I have just read at MediaConnection about Hulu plans for 2012. It seems that 2011 was quite good for the whole Hulu project as there is no more talk about sale or change of the ownership of the whole service. Now it seems that Hulu believes that 2012 might be even better. As Netflix they want to follow the steps of the major cable TV channels and start to offer its own, exclusive productions.

Funny as it looks now like three (different) media businesses and plans might actually meet at the same place. HBO is pushing more and more its own HBO Go service (for now closed only to HBO subscribers), Netflix will start (as a first ever) dvd rental and streaming company to produce its own tv show – that actually will not be on tv (just tv sets) and Hulu that started just a content streaming company might even be a competition to its own ABC and NBC owners. With Starz pulling out of Netflix soon I only wonder how they want to reach larger group of people – another online service?

Anyway, back to the main subject. As I wrote, HULU will be producing all, new “Battleground”  with the premiere of the show planned on 14 of February (YES!!! Valentines day – remember!!!). The best news about it is that (since it is next to impossible to get Hulu Plus from outside USA) it will be also available at ordinary, free Hulu service! This means that as long as you got an american IP and access to a fast server, like one of these you will have no trouble in watching the show!

Now, few words about “Battleground” itself:

“Hulu’s first original scripted series “Battleground” is set in the world of political campaigns in the battleground state of Wisconsin. Advancing the faux documentary-style workplace dramedy, “Battleground” explores the behind-the-scenes chaos of an unruly band of campaign workers and volunteers who leave behind ordinary lives for the madhouse. It’s about life on the campaign trail and the people who are drawn to it. Running the campaign of a distant third-place candidate, campaign manager Chris “Tak” Davis needs a team that is aggressive, smart and driven…or available. As the Wisconsin senate race begins to take on national implications, Tak must overcome corrupt politicians, staff in fighting, and his own personal vices to win the primary – all while a camera crew follows his every move. “Battleground” premieres Tuesday, February 14, 2012 – right in the heart of the GOP primary season. New episodes will launch every Tuesday.”

We hope you will enjoy the show! If you have any thoughts or comments, please share here or join as on Facebook (and maybe recommend us to your friends?).

To watch the trailer you will need to connect to our US servers.

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