Hulu (for free) on Android 3.0 tablet?

We suspect  that all of you who use our VPN services are bit frustrated that HULU is not available (for free) for mobile devices. With a lot of new Android tablets coming to market in near weeks we feel this is even more annoying. We also would like to swap our netbooks and laptops for a sexy tablets like Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Motorola Xoom and have access to our favourite tv shows at hulu. Problem is… if you do not use PC/Windows platform you need to have a HULU Plus subscription (for $7.99/month). That itself would not be a problem but in order to pay your credit card needs to be registered in USA. We think we might have a solution.Now, question to those of you who already have an Android tablet and one of our package. Please let us now if advices given in this link: actually work?

If you have a tablet and watch HULU without subscription let us know – we will share this information with others.

If you do not have a tablet don’t worry with any of our VPN Premium Packages (that has US servers included) you can watch Hulu on your Windows PC.

Remember, our VPN gives you freedom of choice. We have different packages to suit you needs and we do not require any long term contract. All of our packages gives you freedom of anonymous web browsing.

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