Is HULU for sale?


Time and time again news regarding HULU, one of the most popular video streaming services in US come to day light. Hulu service is divided into two types of streaming. Both available to US users only and one of them also to all HideIPVPN customers with US VPN servers in their package. So, what is the whole stir about? Hulu is owned by two entertainment giants Disney and News Corp. Both of them, can not agree (for many months now) how service itself and its future should look like. Apparently  despite great efforts Hulu is still not bringing expected income to its owners. Current news were brought to light by Slashgear. From what we read, both companies are probing the market to see if there would be and what sort of interest in acquiring company. The reason why two companies are considering sale is because their vision about HULU is totally different. News Corp. sees Hulu profits coming only (or mainly) from subscription service. If this option would win all VPN users would run into problem as it is not possible now to pay for Hulu Plus (like you can do for Netflix) with non US credit card. Disney on the other hand wishes to see Hulu profits to come in form ads played during streaming of video materials.

It is impossible to say which option will win. For now, good news is that with all VPN plans we have to offer (that include US VPN servers) you can unblock access to all free HULU stream without any problems. We would like to point out, that you can unlock access to US streaming sites for as little as $5.99/month with our awesome US VPN server package. On top of that, with your own IP address hidden you data flow is much more secure and you true identity hidden from other internet services.

So, in case it will all go “badly” for us with HULU, don’t wait and sign up for VPN now. Watch Hulu outside US, while you still can.


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