Important changes coming to HideIPVPN VPN service

Untitled-1HideIPVPN is always trying hard to bring you the best VPN service possible. Every single day we work hard to optimize or VPN network, to make sure that our servers are stable as rock and that every single of our customers is happy with level of encryption and efficiency of our VPN’s. The same goes for our Smart DNS network. Those of you who are using it on daily basis, who decided to change DNS settings on home routers do know, that SmartDNS is not something they need to even remember about.

Because of such approach from time to time we have to make changes to deliver you even better service.

In order to make our VPN service faster and more reliable we have to change ports on our VPN servers. Such action may affect some of you, but do not worry! If you now, have no clue what we are talking about this means that you are using automatic settings and you will not be affected in any way. If your computer “sleeps” you may need to restart our software if you notice problem with connection. Those of you who chose manual setup should read information below.

What changes to your VPN?

We are changing port for OpenVPN protocol. It currently uses port TCP 443.

On 23rd of March, when we implement changes on the TCP 443 port we will setup SSTP and SoftEther VPN protocols. This way customer will benefit from even more reliable and faster service with the use of SoftEther and SSTP protocols.

To even further show you real life differences between OpenVPN and SoftEther VPN protocols we have published a small video test. First we do a speedtest of our connection with the use of OpenVPN protocol. Although our broadband is very fast results are 9,05mbps of download and 7,61mbps of upload. Our software does not yet allow for automatic use of SoftEther protocol (you can find setup instructions in support section) so we had to use manual connection. Results show MASSIVE difference in bandwidth. We got 60,04mbps for download and 86,64mbps for upload.

Same broadband, same VPN server – just different VPN protocol. Add to that the fact that SoftEther VPN is considered a lost more secure protocol and we think the choice – which VPN protocol should you use is clear!

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