Important changes for SoftEther and SSTP

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Hello our Dearest Friends!

As you all know (we are announcing this news in all ways we can) recent days brought us some technical changes to our awesome VPN service. We made internal tests and we have reached decision that different VPN protocols you use on our VPN servers need to use different TCP ports. 

First we have set up new port for OpenVPN. Because OpenVPN was moved we were able to implement main changes we had in mind – regarding SoftEther VPN. Starting now SoftEther will be on TCP 443 port. You have seen in video clips presented how big difference in speed there is between SoftEther VPN and other protocols. With its “move” to TCP 443 port this difference will even be greater. Don’t worry, if you are not using Windows platform and are unable to use SoftEther protocol your connection speed will not be affected. However users able to use SoftEther should benefit greatly from this change. But HEY! that is not all!!!

Until now SSTP VPN was configured on 4 our VPN servers. Please note (and it is a BIG change!) that from today you are able (and welcome!!!) to use SSTP protocol on ALL OUR VPN SERVERS! Every single one of them has been updated and configured in a way that will allow you to use any protocol you desire.

If you have any further questions, please contact our technical support via Client Area (submit new ticket) or Live Chat, available 24/7/365!

Smart DNS users – again, you are not affected by this changes in any way!

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