Internet censorship in China – gets worse

According to online anonymity guide (how to hide ip) Chinese government is taking much stricter approach to online censorship and internet control. Seems like “Great Firewall of China” just got another update :-(.

New agency, (different branches of government combined together) will now have more power to control information flow over Chinese internet. We read that,

“[…] until now, censorship and supervision over the internet, information flow and technology was divided between different branches of government it could not be always efficient. Newly created agency is supposed to be the answer to all previous inabilities and hiccups. Now, not only censorship itself will become more firm but also responses of agency to all threats presented by Chinese citizens will be much more efficient.


The office will be engaged in promoting construction of major news websites and managing government online publicity work.

It is assigned the duties to investigate and punish websites violating laws and regulations.

It will oversee telecom service providers in their efforts to improve the management of registration of domain names, distribution of IP addresses, registration of websites and Internet access.”

We strongly advise all our customers to pass on this news to your friends in China or to anyone else travelling to China. If you plan to use internet there better be safe than sorry.

Connection to one of our servers guarantees complete privacy and anonymity while browsing the internet. Connection between you and us is always fully encrypted with the use of different safety protocol. This means that not only all web sites you visit remain unknown to anyone who might be watching (for example, your local ISP) but also all data you send and receive: including e-mails, chats, voip calls and others.

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We also would like to point out one more issue involved.

Users should be especially careful when choosing local, less known and free VPN services as some of them might be setup by “people you try to avoid in the first place”!!!

This is exactly an issue we have told you about last year:

Remember – Your IP is your ID

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