Is TOR no longer anonymous?

Many of you thought what service should I use, TOR or VPN. The first seemed like a better choice anonymity wise. Second one  on way more comfortable (especially if we just want to browse “legal” internet , stream some movies from Hulu or Netflix (in decent quality) or use p2p/torrent clients in complete privacy. Right now we can tell you one thing, seems like this first reason to use TOR over VPN is no longer valid.TOR and VPN are providing you with similar effect – your real IP / identity are hidden while you are browsing the internet. But because they do it in complete different ways there are  some pros are cons involved with both.

The main disadvantage of VPN (only for those of you who would really want to do something considered “internationally” illegal like child porn, terrorism, etc.) is this, that VPN provider holds all or some of your data. This means that in some cases (as mentioned above) we might have no choice but to reveal you data to authorities. But, as long as you do not do it and do not brake our Terms of Service (or similar for a different provider) you can sleep safe. So, if you got account with us we ask you to make sure that in worst cases you only “bend the law”!

Up until now TOR was better with this. It was/is possible to identify user within TOR but it takes lots of time and resources. But there is a price for being so invisible in TOR. Because it is free, because there are thousands of users all over the world (and limited amount of nodes) and because information you send/receive goes through few computers in the TOR network itself speed was always an issue. If it was a public comment or an e-mail that you were after or an article on a foreign web site, no problem. But if you wish to go round the geo-lock on websites like HULU, Netflix or ABC and stream lots of data to yourself (in good or HD quality like with BBC) this is impossible.

As I said it seems that advantage of anonymity in TOR is also under the question (although TOR it self is denying the problem). Latest news from brought French scientist reveal that special kind of virus was made for TOR network. It can infect nodes in order to decrypt user data (combined with second method off attack against TOR that switches off healthy nodes)  can revel whole TOR structure and at the end can help in user identification. At the moment it is impossible to say how efficient this idea is and if users are really in anger of loosing anonymity. We think that since someone is going through a pain of using TOR in the first place information of this kind should be taken under consideration. Also with this in mind we are even stronger convinced that VPN is a better choice for all internet users who just want a free, unrestricted (for example by location) and anonymous access to the internet with all the advantages from their ISP’s – speed and unlimited traffic.

Simply, if you want to comfortably watch BBC HD on your Mac, PC or iPad VPN is the solution to go for.

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Your IP is Your ID – and we are here to keep it safe!

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