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Copyright System Alert & VPN

Internet privacy in US – non existent?

If you care to search our blog for CAS (Copyright Alert System) you will find we have wrote about it back in February this year. We have learned from newly joined users from US, that system is indeed fully operational. What is more, as our users have told us, it is far from being bug free. This means that it does not matter if you will deliberately download 100 movies fro P2P or torrent network or just 100MB of data… The outcome of such crime might be exactly the same. But the most disturbing part of CAS system is the fact that your American ISP (in America – land of freedom and democracy) has been forced to spy on you not because you might be a terrorist, but because someone else income is potentially under threat. Combine CAS with what NSA and PRISM scandal brought to light and ask yourself a question – Is this time to get VPN?

VPN for your privacy is what antivirus with firewall is for your system

Before we go on to explain (in short words) how CAS is working we would like to ask you different question. Some of you may remember era of computer not connected to the Internet. Files were swapped between machines on floppy disks. Slowly, our devices got connected to the web. First it was slow, and no one knew how we can actually use/need this new thing. And then… you got yourself your first antivirus software. Do you remember when was it? And what is more important… Do you remember what did you get it? We think we will not be far from wrong if we assume you are using it (antivirus software) ever since…. Now not only on your PC but also on your smartphone (if you happen to have Android device).

What has to happen for you to start using VPN or  to recommend it to your friends who might be less “knowledgeable” …

Do you know – what is your IP address, do they know it? Do they know why they should hide IP address?

CAS (Copyright Alert System) = your ISP watches your every move

Now to main subject. All details of what actually CAS is can be found here:, but let us highlight this.

The Copyright Alert System (CAS) is a private system for alerting, educating, and punishing Internet subscribers of the Internet service providers AT&T, Cablevision, Time Warner, Verizon and Comcast based on accusations of BitTorrent and peer-to-peer file sharing use to distribute copyrighted material from a list of specific entertainment corporations and their CAS registered content. It is limited to customers of those Internet vendors in the United States.

Simply, if you are customer of one of the above mentioned, they do watch every single step of you and your family member in the internet. Of course it is done by special software that raises a flag whenever “it thinks” you have breached the law. But do not be fooled. When we say ISP or put a proper company name instead, it is not a faceless corporation in this case. Your data, logs, etc are also checked and overlooked by by people.

Now…. what if one of those employees will copy such confidential data and will sell it marketing agencies or…. if data is very “private” to people who ask for donations or else?

Users from US – get VPN now and protect your privacy!

If you live in USA, if you are customer of companies mentioned above (but even if you are not – don’t feel to safe!), if you got friends who are customers of one of above mentioned ISP’s – don’t wait. Protect your privacy online today.

Hide your IP address, hide your identity, hide you data, hide your browsing history – hide yourself behind good VPN!

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