Join The “GOOD GUYS”, Get Yourself a Netflix Account!

I think this is an awesome news for those of you who enjoy good films and shows but are not very comfortable with the use of p2p/torrent networks or hosting services. If you already have a US VPN account choice will be even easier, but lets start from the beginning so those of you who are not sure what Netflix is (or am I kidding myself?) will also be on the same page as we are.

Netflix is, or I should say rather was a DVD rental company. What they did different form the likes that are few streets from you is that the rented DVD movies were delivered to you by mail. Great, isn’t it? No walking to the store, no queuing and what was the best there – NO LATE FEE’s. So, hard to imagine a better way to rend a film, but (surprise, surprise!!!) they managed to came with even better idea. What about instead of DVD if you could rent a stream? Not only that! Unlike others out there with Netflix you will not be charged per viewing but for a set value of $7.99/month you have UNLIMITED ACCESS to all “Watch instantly” library in Netflix possession (and it is a big one). So, unlike with films you download form the internet with Netflix there is no waiting – you can watch anything they have, whenever you want and wherever you want (of course internet connection and US IP address are – MUST HAVE!). One more great thing about Netflix is, that quite a lot of their titles are available with English subtitles. This means that if your English skills are not “top notch” yet it will make thing easier for you.

Now, one of the BEST EVER features about Netflix (if you are a parent you will know exactly what I mean) is the amount of stuff for kids that they have!. Barney, Fireman Sam, Dora – NO PROBLEM. All in English, all available to you (and your sweet demon) at any time on PC, MAC, TV, iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

So??? How does it all sound? It is a bit more that you would pay for access to entertainment through hosting services (but not much more). Yes, it is true that for the newest production you will have to wait a bit longer. But on the other hand, and as mentioned at the beginning it also means that your money will get to people who should get them.

Ok, so how to make it work? Netflix, unlike HULU accepts (most, not all) foreign credit cards. Use google to get yourself an address in USA (real street, real house no). Connect to Netflix website (or service) only via US VPN (no point in drawing unnecessary attention to yourself, is there!?!). If you already have an account than no problem, if you do not have access to US servers – well I can only suggest – think about it. Netflix will give you 1 month free trial and as you all know, with there is no problem in changing the VPN package. This means that if you get yourself a US VPN access and you will not like Netflix service (and others you will gain access to) you can always go back to your previous package.

One more thing you should consider in regard of Netflix (or any other video streaming service) and VPN provider. If you will look around bear in mind and check those things:

  • For the price offered will I get unlimited traffic (like with
  • Will I get unlimited speed with my VPN connection so I can watch Netflix shows in HD quality (like with
  • and (what is the most important) why is “this other company” so much cheaper? Can I trust them with my credit card number? Remember: Free VPN is not always free!

Once you’ll set up your new account with Netflix there is one more thing you might want to check. Make sure that you bank or company that issued your credit card will not flag and stop payment to Netflix. If you’ll notice (charge should be visible on your statement before it is due) that there might be a problem call your bank. If Netflix will not get their money and they will realize it is not a US credit card they might cancel your service.

But if you will follow the rules, payment on time and access only via US IP address everything should be fine. ENJOY!

PS. We will keep you informed about future new “Watch Instantly” add ons to Netflix library.

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