Logs – should you be concerned?

A while ago we have run into quite interesting article from TorrentFreak about log retention by different ISP’s. Since quite often you ask about our policy in this regard we thought it will be a good idea to use their findings and ask you to share what is yours ISP policy in this regard. We think that sharing such information on Facebook might be quite useful for everyone. As usual, we will choose some of your comments and reward them with free VPN access (details will be published on FB together with this post).Let start with our own policy regarding logs. HideIPVPN works under jurisdiction of USA (at least for now). Because of that we are NOT OBLIGATED to store any logs of your activity in the internet. This rule is true for any US ISP provider, but it does not mean they keep up with it.

Currently there are no mandatory data retention laws in the United States. Unlike in Europe, Internet providers are not required to track IP-address assignments so these can be linked to specific subscriber accounts.

Because we have “3 days money back guarantee” we have to log some information. In particular we log users account name and connections to our servers. This is the only way for us to know if you did or did not connected to our VPN server. Also, it helps whenever you have actual problem with connection to our VPN network. By checking log we know if you made a connection, how long it lasted, etc. But there are two VERY IMPORTANT informations associated with our log-keeping system.

1. We know what user account connected to which server (and type of protocol used) – WE DO NOT TRACK YOUR ACTIVITY when you “pass through” our VPN servers. 

2. Those informations are only kept for 3 days and automatically deleted / overwritten. 3 days is all we need to make sure if new client did or did not connect to our servers and if he/she is eligible for refund.

We hope that this information clears any questions you might have in this regard, especially if you remember what one of very big VPN providers (that “Hides its Ass”  in UK) did with logs it had. It does not mean however that you can brake our Terms of Service – please make sure you know what it states.

Now, we know that EU is quite strict with its IP and log policy. As far as we know most ISP’s in EU store their data for at least a year but in some member countries even for two.

We will now use (one more time) data gathered by TorrentFreak to tell you more about US ISP’s and their policies:

  • Time Warner Cable – logs are stored for up to 6 months
  • Comcast – not exactly clear, but 180 are mentioned
  • Verizon – logs are stored for 18 months
  • Qwest/Century – logs are stored for 12 months
  • Cox – logs are stored for 6 months (unconfirmed)
  • AT&T – unknown
  • Charter – logs are stored for 12 months (unconfirmed)
  • DSL Extreme – logs are stored for 2 weeks
  • Teksavvy (Canada) – logs are stored for 2 years
  • Eastlink (Canada) – logs are stored for 1 year

This article will be updated with the information provided by you. In our opinion our “IP logging policy” looks awesome in comparison (true?) :-). Please, e-mail your ISP with question – what is their policy in this regard, paste your information on our Facebook Profile  (UNDER ENTRY ABOUT THIS POST!) and share it on your Wall.

5 random users will be awarded with Free VPN access – good luck and remember…

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