Merry Christmas from HideIPVPN – get up to 65% of VPN and SmartDNS

Last updated on December 17th, 2014 in News, SmartDNS, VPN

Christmas sale VPN & SmartDNS

Another Christmas holidays are here, another winter has come. First, regardless of your faith and religion let us use this as an opportunity to wish you all health and happiness and love. We hope that each and everyone of you will find all dreams come true. Now, since for many of you Christmas holidays are time off work it might be an awesome time to try ether VPN or SmartDNS and enjoy some quality TV shows and movies with your family.

Why should I get VPN now?

If you got some spare time we advise you to look through our blog. This subject was covered many times, but in essence. Active VPN connection hides your real IP address and replaces it with virtual IP that belongs to our VPN server. This way your real identity, location and activity online is protected form anyone. This might be your ISP or big companies trying to reduce internet users to advertisement targets. The less other know about you without your consent the better.

Second reason why it makes sense to get VPN now is our awesome Christmas VPN Sale! From 17.12 to 30.12 all our VPN and SmartDNS packages are now up to 65% OFF! And that is not all. If you buy them now this discount will recur for 3 billing periods on your account. This means that you might get your first 3 months or first 3 years a lot cheaper. Just remember, number of promotional accounts is limited!

SmartDNS is your best VOD/TV Christmas friend!

And don’t forget. You can either buy VPN and get free SmartDNS service included in your plan or you can purchase Smart DNS unblock as a stand alone service. Why is SmartDNS cool? It is extremely simple to use and works with wide range (almost all of them!) of devices giving you an awesome web browsing and video streaming experience. Want to watch Netflix or BBC iPlayer on you big screen TV, or phone (with no VPN support)? Or perhaps your broadband is not very efficient and use of VPN might make the internet even slower? This is where SmartDNS comes in. No limitations, simple use, no delays, no limiting speed of your internet.

And like our VPN, SmartDNS is now up to 65% OFF – only for Christmas!

We hope you will enjoy our services, so once more Merry Christmas from HideIPVPN Team!

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