More HD content from BBC in time for Christmas!

New BBC HD content - iPlayer HD with SmartDNS

HideIPVPN recommends SmartDNS for streaming of HD content.

It is not really necessary to introduce BBC to HideIPVPN visitors. This British brand is well established in our minds. Great channels, great productions, option to watch live TV over the internet and catch up TV through world famous BBC iPlayer. One could think, we could not ask for more, especially that all this goodness comes (to users from outside of UK) without any charges or limitations.  With latest news from BBC it looks like we were wrong. BBC has even more to give to us, right before Christmas. HORAY!

We found article on Engadget about new BBC HD channels going live very soon. In order to make sure that all that we have read is true we went to source (it would not be nice to bring you such news only to learn it is not exactly true).

5 new subscription – free HD channels from BBC coming to you….

The new channels: BBC Three HD, BBC Four HD, BBC News HD, CBeebies HD and CBBC HD will be available on Freeview HD, Freesat HD, YouView, Sky HD and Virgin Media. Viewers will also be able to catch-up on HD programmes from these channels on BBC iPlayer.

The channels will be launching in time for Christmas (new service starts Tuesday 10 December – by HideIPVPN), so viewers will be able to access more of their favourite festive treats in the highest quality from the comfort of their sofas or on-the-go via BBC iPlayer. So whether it’s Jack Whitehall’s Bad Education on BBC Three HD, the New Year’s Day concert from Vienna on BBC Four HD, breaking news and a chance to look back at 2013 on BBC News HD, A Christmas Carol on CBeebies HD or a Dumping Ground Special on CBBC HD, all the family can enjoy more of the BBC programmes they love in HD. – source

It is unclear at this moment if new channels, will be available with option “watch live” as are BBC One and BBC Two, however we can be sure that iPlayer will offer even more HD content for our viewing pleasure.

Best ways to watch BBC TV and iPlayer outside UK are…

In general you have two options, that differ slightly from each other.

First, you can change your IP address to UK one with our VPN service. VPN will hide your IP from others and replace it with UK address. This way BBC services will recognize you as present in UK region. 

Second option, very useful if your device has no VPN support is SmartDNS. If you want to watch HD content, but your broadband is not the fastest one or if your computer lacks computing power (necessary for traffic encryption with VPN) Smart DNS will be perfect to unlock unlimited access to UK VOD and TV services.

If you take a careful look at all our Premium VPN packages you might find one that will give you both options. VPN for general, safe browsing with included Smart DNS access for video streaming of HD content.

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