Netflix not available through VPN or Smart DNS

Netflix not available through VPN or Smart DNS

Important:2017-11-30 Update! To access USA Netflix please read this post.

There are times when one has to wave a white flag even when it is not pleasant. We are truly sorry to bring you bad news but we need to be honest with all of you. So… here it goes – Netflix is not working through our Smart DNS service or any of our VPN servers. After Netflix opened to new markets all around the world it announced that it will now actively fight with all VPN service providers. It was true to its word. In recent weeks Netflix became more and more aggressive and new servers we have been trying to supply you with were quickly blocked (sometimes few hours after start).

VPN is a tool to bring you safety, anonymity and privacy. As a “side effect” you can in some cases access and use services from other countries. But, as stated in our ToS we cannot guarantee that, you will be able to access specific websites or services. For now that is the case with Netflix.

We are not happy by how the things are but currently nothing (long lasting) can be done. We are sure that you will be able to find alternatives to “international” Netflix in other VOD services (there is still plenty you can use via VPN or Smart DNS) or in the internet in general.

Don’t worry! Technology does not stand still. We are certain sooner or later someone will come up with long lasting solution to the problem or (better yet) same content will be available all around the world and it will be possible again to use VPN to securely access Netflix.

Remember, it is always worth to hide your IP and take active care about your privacy online.

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