Netflix will change its streaming technology

netflixThere are some big, big changes coming to Netflix streaming. As you probably realize HideIPVPN team is a big fan of Netflix (and Hulu) service. We are extremely happy that we can use our USA VPN servers to get access to this awesome video streaming site (unlock Netflix with VPN). We suspect (as you know we do not monitor what you do in the internet) that a lot of our customers is accessing Netflix via our VPN service. This is the reason for news about Netflix on our blog (we hope you do not mind 😉 ). Right now (excluding dedicated Netflix apps) service is using Microsoft Silverlight technology to stream its content over the web. This was good but not perfect. Not all browsers and devices do support this plugin and plugin itself poses security risk for users. Most of the plugins do contain “holes” that can be exploited and when that happens service such as Netflix has to wait for plugin author to fix them. Also, as mentioned not all browsers support Silverlight plugin and that create a problem for users, who are forced to either start a dedicated application (if one exists) or switch browser (or mode in which browser operates – IE10 Modern UI) in order to watch Netflix content. Since Microsoft has announced that it Silverlight technology will not be supported (and as you know even so far there were only few updates to Silverlight – some creating more problems than solutions) after 2021, Netflix has decided it is time for a (smooth) change. It is also worth to mention that some companies, like HBO with its HBO Go service or Redbox Instant (both can be unlocked through our cheap US VPN) are struggling to deliver decent quality to subscribers.

With all that in mind Netflix has decided to take an action and slowly will be moving its streaming from Silverlight to HTML5. One of the first devices to take advantage of this move will be Google’s Chromebook with Chrom OS onboard. For more detailed information go to Netflix Techblog.

From VPN streaming point of view nothing will change. You can still use any of our VPN plans with access to US based VPN servers (our unlimited VPN plans starts at only $5.99/month). All of them will allow you to watch Netflix outisde USA. Please remember, that if you go for higher plan with access to UK VPN servers, your Netflix subscription will allow you to access also (slightly different from US) UK Netflix library.

We have to say we are proud of quality and speed of our servers and service we deliver to you 24/7. Cheap and reliable VPN that allows you to unlock Netflix, Hulu & BBC as well as keep your data safe and hide your IP makes us really happy!

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