New Disney VOD means trouble for Netflix

New Disney VOD means trouble for Netflix

Since a lot of you uses both – VPN and Smart DNS – to access VOD services from different countries, it is not a surprising, that we follow this part of the market closely. Last few days brought few news in this field. If you have not heard it yet, here is a short summary of what is happening. First Netflix takeover meets Disney VOD plans. 

Blocked Netflix is still cool…

We are sad to confirm that Netflix – in terms of unblocking Netflix regions – is still not working via VPN or Smart DNS. For now, there is no reliable and lasting way of unblocking access to different Netflix libraries. On the up side, Netflix is available almost everywhere and its local offerings are getting better with every passing week. Still it was cool when good VPN was enough to access US Netflix from anywhere in the world.

Important!!! If you happen to read this as you search for good way to unblock Netflix our advice is – do not buy annual VPN packages from anyone who promises Netflix access! Even if you find a small VPN provider that has one US VPN server working with US Netflix, there is no way they can guarantee how long will it last. If, in such case you’ll go for year long, expensive plan you will get no Netflix and no cashback. Be smart!

Although Netflix itself is not accessible via VPN or Smart DNS that does not mean we do not follow changes to the service. Only few days ago media outlets published news about first Netflix takeover. As it turns out – in the light of Disney VOD plans it was a smart move – Netflix bought Millarworld. A comic book company.

Millarworld, founded by Mark Millar is the owner of characters and stories like Kingsman or Kick-Ass. Netflix needs a superhero portfolio to compete for our wallets with Warner  – owner of DC Comics and Disney…

Disney VOD vs Netflix…

This soon might be the question or a choice you will face… Disney has announced that it will be pulling of its content form other VOD services like Netflix or HBO. Reason for this move is that Disney will be starting its own VOD platform. And portfolio of content they have is very impressive. Marvel characters, all famous Disney stories or (bought not that long ago) Star Wars franchise. And since we are talking about Star Wars, get access & unblock HBO Go Poland – you will be able to watch both Star Wars trilogies or Dr Strange – not to mention new season of Game of Thrones…

It is said, that Disney VOD will start by the end of the next year in the USA. Prices are unknown yet. You can be sure, that we will watch this subject closely. Once the new Disney platform lunches we will do our best to unblock it. And let you know how you can watch Disney VOD form anywhere.

Also, there are mentions of another Disney streaming idea. Disney owns sports ESPN and they wish to offer online access to over 10000 different sport events every year. That would include MBL online, NHL online or MLS and tennis tournaments. Seems to us that future of online streaming service is be very exciting.

While you wait for Disney VOD…

Remember that even today – through our Smart DNS & VPN service – you can access gigabytes of video content. Access to HBO Go, HBO Now, Hulu Plus & Yahoo View, unblock of Amazon Video streaming or BBC iPlayer – these are only few of the services you will be able to use, anywhere. And if you wish to see how will it all works simply sing up for our free VPN account and try it yourself!

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