New – old Polish cable TV online!

You may remember that a while ago we brought you news about Polish cable TV online called Videostar. Since than service went through quite significant changes with the biggest one being change of the ownership. With that in mind let us remind you – how you may watch live TV online through Polish cable TV. 

Polish cable TV online – Videostar becomes WP Pilot

In the past this platform was called Videostar. They started small, with only few channels in the package and very low quality of picture. With time whole platform got bigger and bigger. New online TV channels were introduced, new plans, premium packages, pricing and now new ownership. Videostar was taken over by WP. One of the leading information portals in Poland, with its own TV channel. Right now it is called WP Pilot. So whats new beside that? For now, not much.

We got good, old online TV packages

New - old Polish cable TV online!

Payments are of course made monthly. Highest package will grant you access to 82 channels and will set you back 24,90 zł which works out around $7/month or €6/month – not bad, ha? You may watch WP Pilot on all popular platforms.

New - old Polish cable TV online!

Your PC running Windows (7, 8 & 10), MacOS or Linux, Android based phone or tablet , iPhone and iPad are of course in the mix. Also, if you have Smart TV with Android platform (or Android TV stick) like Philips, Sony, etc. you can easily enjoy all the online TV channels on the big screen in your living room. However WP Pilot (as was Videostar) is restricted to Polish territory. That might raise the following question.

How to unblock Polish cable TV online abroad?

This is very simple with help of HideIPVPN service. We offer you two possibilities. First is the use of one of  our Polish VPN servers. Both are of course located in Poland. And both will encrypt all your Internet traffic, hide your real IP, improve your privacy & anonymity online. At the same time those VPN servers will grant you unrestricted access to all Polish TV and VOD services, including Polish cable TV online.

Your second choice is useful for devices without VPN capability. It is called Smart DNS. Although it is offered as stand alone service it is also included in all our VPN packages. All you need to do is to subscribe to VPN of your choice and you’ll get access to both! Our service is free to try.  You will see how it all works and after that decide which package and VPN with Smart DNS or just Smart DNS is the right choice for you.

To try our VPN & Smart DNS simply click below. And if you have any questions about this article, VPN or Smart DNS – feel free to get in touch.


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