New P2P VPN server location

As you may remember, not that long ago we were informing you about some significant changes to our VPN service. New VPN software and new server location  to make your torrent downloads safe and anonymous. You can read about them all here. We announced that another, new P2P VPN server is coming online soon – Luxembourg. Today we wish to let you all know, that our new server is online, and fully operational.

New P2P VPN server – Luxembourg

So yes, location of our new P2P VPN server is in the heart of Europe – Luxembourg. This location, combined with Bittorrent/P2P VPN servers located in Germany, Netherlands and Lithuania will give you a great choice to make all your Bittorrent downloads safe. New P2P VPN server is part of 2 packages that you can subscribe to. First one is our BitTorrent VPN plan. It includes only servers that allow P2P and torrent traffic. The second one is our best selling plan – Ninja Power VPN. It gives you access to all VPN servers we have, in all locations.

New P2P VPN server is already visible in our free VPN software. If you wish to use it simply select it and click connect. You can also choose VPN protocol you wish to use for your connection. New P2P VPN server accepts SSTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP  VPN protocols.

Of course, as it is a brand new server in our network, there is a slim chance that you may encounter problems. If that would happen please let us know. We will make sure you can use new P2P VPN server with the same effect you can use all other VPN servers we offer.

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