NL1 and NLFree servers are temporally down.

Update (21/08/2012): NL1 and NLFree servers are back online, we are really sorry for this inconvenience. Here is the final reply from our data center where we host NL1 and NLFree servers.

“After 6 months 100% network update we had some major problems.
We very sorry for this matter, 2 days ago a coreswitch failure and now 96 broken fibers because of roadworks. A big part of our network went down because of this broken fiber and our fiber supplier worked day and night to have it fixed ASAP.

The whole network is back online again and running stable, we very sorry for this major inconvenience caused by these 2 errors. We expect everything will stay stable for a very long time now again!”

Dear Friends, we have informed you through Facebook and G+ that we are experiencing some problems with stability and access to our servers NL1 and NLFree. We are extremely sorry for trouble and all the inconvenience. At this points we know for sure that issue is not really a server fault as they are both up and running, but access to them might be very difficult or impossible.We have done all the checks and tests on our end and to our surprise we could not get them to work in a normal way, although we could not see anything wrong with their systems at all. Our tech team was puzzled for a bit but now we know what the problem is. We have just been informed that servers (as it showed in our tests) are perfectly fine. Unfortunately,  fiber to one of the large data centers where our servers are plugged has been physically cut in two places. Because of that we are unable at this point to give you an estimate when the issue will be resolved. We are in constant contact with data center staff and have been assured that “people” are already working on welding both cables back into one piece. We are hopeful that problem will be resolved in few hours.

In the mean time please accept our apologies for all the inconvenience. Full service, as normal is available on servers NL2, NL3, NL4 and SSTP NL1 for Windows users.

We will update this post as well as give you news over Facebook and G+, as soon as we know more or servers are fully accessible.

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