No need to unblock Hulu Plus…

huluHulu and Hulu Plus are one of the best know names in the VOD business around the world. Access to Hulu is almost as important to many people as is access Netflix. Even on our blog we can see that posts with phrases “How to unblock Hulu?” and similar are very popular. Today Hulu made an interesting announcement. Before we give you all the details we start with short reminder about what Hulu is, and how to unblock Hulu access.

What Hulu is…?

Hulu is a joint venture of NBC Universal Television Group (Comcast), Fox Broadcasting Company (21st Century Fox) and Disney – ABC Television Group (The Walt Disney Company). As you can see all those are big TV content owners. This is why Hulu is extremely strong with TV shows from those companies. Hulu (company) has two different models of operation. Hulu – that is add supported and offers users free access and Hulu Plus. Hulu Plus is subscription based and for $7.99/month offers access to a much bigger selection of movies, tv shows, episodes. Also, it offer higher video quality streaming when compared to its free to watch “sister” service.

How to unblock HULU?

As with Netflix, it is very easy. The best way to do it is to get one our Premium VPN with access to US VPN servers. Once connected we will hide your real IP address and all VOD services in USA (including Hulu) will recognize you present on US territory. Second, method (you can get is as stand alone service or use it as part of your VPN package) is SmartDNS. By a simple trick (all necessary information are in our support section) with using different, smart DNS server we will make Hulu work on all your devices.

Good bye Hulu Plus…

Now… what is all this fuzz about Hulu Plus? We have just been informed that Hulu has made a decision to cancel Hulu Plus. However not the service but the name, brand only. This means that nothing actually changes. If you were able to get subscription for Hulu it will stay intact. Sam goes for free Hulu service. They only decided that one service (like Spotify – two plans as well) should have one name in order to avid confusion from potential customers.

So don’t worry. Hulu is not going anywhere! And with VPN and SmartDNS it is still easy to unblock Hulu.

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