Now you can access Netflix using VPN and Smart DNS

access NetflixWe think you are all aware that in recent weeks it became more difficult to access Netflix. As you know, after going global Netflix started actively fight VPN and Smart DNS services to stop people from getting access to its different regions. Today we want to let you know that you can again access Netflix and few of its content libraries.

Access Netflix in different regions – what happened?

Netflix was true to its word and within few weeks after going global and under pressure from copyright owners, which we believe were pressed by local content distributors, has blocked almost all VPN and Smart DNS services. We have been affected too. Hopefully things will settle down now. Especially if we will not make a lot of “noise” that could annoy those, who do not want you to do it in the first place. This is one of the reasons we have not been writing a lot about Netflix recently and why we will cut down on Netflix posts in future. Simply, if you require more specific information contact our support directly.

Access Netflix via VPN – works again!

If you own devices that supports VPN connections (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.) now you can again access different Netflix regions. Now by choosing our US6 and UK5 VPN servers you will be able to stream videos from USA and UK regions. If you’ll have any issues please contact our support.

Access Netflix via Smart DNS.

We have also managed to enable Netflix access via Smart DNS. For now you can watch content form USA and UK on all devices. The only problems you might encounter are those with apps where Netflix has hardcoded DNS settings into app itself. To find out how to resolve this problem please contact our support. If you think we should enable (via Smart DNS) access to other Netflix libraries please let us know in comment section below or via above mentioned channels. We value your feedback about our services!

To make sure everything is working as promised we would like to remind you that you are more than welcome to test our services using our free VPN trial.

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