Our next VPN server will be in…

You all know that HideIPVPN is truly user friendly VPN provider.This is not a secret that we rely on our Premium VPN service and your subscriptions. We know, that you work very hard on your every penny and you deserve full and complete satisfaction for what you spend with us. We know that our pricing (for unlimited access to VPN servers)  is very competitive yet still we want to make sure that we excel in what we do. This is why we think it would make no sense to impose our will on you. Quite the opposite.HideIPVPN VPN service will allow you to use all VPN protocols and obtain IP address (change your own IP) from countries like USA, UK, Germany, Holland and Canada. Right now, we have an idea, that perhaps it would be a right time to introduce new country in our VPN packages. Maybe there is a direction, IP location that you would love to see added to our range VPN. Because world is a very, very big place and your needs, ideas are as different as each and any one of you, we think it would be crazy for us to just spin the globe (model of course) and choose a place for our next server with our finger. This is why we would like to ask YOU where do you want us to take next step.

We will publish a poll on our Facebook Wall (and pin it on top for few days) with some of our propositions. You will be free to add new locations of your choice and cast your vote. We do not promise at this stage if and how soon (especially that we do not know what the outcome will be) we will be able to go through with this change. But, we truly want to expand we we do hope (since we do it for you) you can help us to make a step in the right direction.

Go to Facebook and let us know! 

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