Passwords tips & most popular passwords

Passwords tips & most popular passwords

We are very happy you take your online safety seriously. You probably use good firewall, against potential brake ins. We are certain you scan your computer against threats with solid anti-virus software. And of course on daily basis you connect to the internet with assistance of the best VPN service. So, no one can brake to your device, you search regularly for any unwanted “guests” and you hide your IP address – protecting your identity, your data and improving your privacy with VPN. But what about your passwords? Here is the list of most popular passwords and some passwords tips. 

Passwords – the weak link…

As you probably imagine all the safety features like VPN, firewall, anti-virus, etc. are only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. You. It is you who is the biggest threat to your security and safety. To give you few examples, it is not your computer – it is you who visits “doggy” websites that will try to install malware to your device. You are responsible for downloads software of uncertain origin. And of course it is you, who came up and used one, smart password for all your accounts. And finally the password itself. You wish for it to be easy to remember, quick to enter and secure. Most of you will combine your name, or name of a person close to you with some meaningful dates from your life.

Remember – real hackers will collect crumbs of information about you from many different sources before they actually attack. But this is when you specifically are a target. If they are just fishing, you can expect bots trying to brake thousands of accounts daily. Simply using popular combinations of letters and numbers.

Popular passwords – passwords tips

Thanks to Mashable post we can publish the list of the 25 worlds most popular passwords. Make sure yours in not on this list!

1. password

2. 123456

3. 12345678

4. abc123

5. qwerty

6. monkey

7. letmein

8. dragon

9. 111111

10. baseball

11. iloveyou

12. trustno1

13. 1234567

14. sunshine

15. master

16. 123123

17. welcome

18. shadow

19. ashley

20. football

21. jesus

22. michael

23. ninja

24. mustang

25. password1

More passwords tips…

1. It is recommended to use different passwords for different accounts. This way attacker will not get easy access to all your services.

2. Be careful with the use of passwords managers. They hold all your passwords in a cloud and as you know clouds “leak” sometimes.

3. Make sure you use combination of letters – including capital letters, numbers and special symbols.

4. You may consider using password generators.

5. Use VPN when you connect via public Wi-Fi. It is quite easy for hacker to “sniff” passwords you use. VPN will encrypt all data – including used passwords.

6. These are all password tips we can give you. If you have any other – please share with us and others. Our one last tip for today? Try our VPN for free if you are not using VPN yet.


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