Polish IP address – new Poland VPN server

polish ipPolish VPN server that allows users to surf the web anonymously under Polish IP address has proven to be a great success. Today we are very happy to announce that brand new server has been added to our VPN network.

Polish IP through VPN – why?

Since lots of you got Polish IP address anyway you may wonder why would you need to get similar address via VPN server. The simple answers are anonymity, privacy, safety.

As you know VPN works as an intermediary between you and the outside world. VPN uses few different protocols that not only create virtual tunnel between you and VPN server, but also encrypt all the data flowing through such tunnel. Because of that all your Internet “broadcasts” are completely secure from any prying eyes – that includes your own ISP ho has to keep logs of your online activity. Once you connected through VPN all that can be logged is connection to a single server – VPN server. There is now way to tell what sort of data you exchange and whit what site or service.

Another good thing about using Polish VPN is that all the services you normally use will still work. Music, TV and VOD services will still recognize your IP as Polish and will allow you for the same possibilities as your own, true, unsecured IP address.

New Polish VPN server – few more details

Our new Polish VPN server operates under pl2.hideipvpn.com name (go to Client Area to check its IP address). You can use this name if you want to create VPN connections manually. However you can now select new server directly through one of our free VPN applications (available for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android). As all other VPN servers in our network it will allow you for:

  • connections with up to 1 Gbps of bandwidth per user
  • use of following VPN protocol SSTP, PPTP, L2TP , OpenVPN and of course SoftEther

If you want to test our new server before you commit, please click the button below .

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