Premium US VPN for $5.99/month – best deal out there!

Few days we have pointed out few important facts about our service and one of our packages – Premium UK VPN. Today we would like to tell you a bit more about similar VPN package that will supply you with inexpensive US IP address.  In your search for the best possible VPN deal in the internet you must have seen plenty of different offers. VPN packages with bandwidth cap, cheap VPN with access to IP addresses from 50 different countries (hat you have not ever heard of) but small data bundle or VPN packages that do give you access to lots of different servers and truly unlimited plan but for much, much more.

HideIPVPN VPN service and offer tries to be a little different. We offer you simply what you need, without any hidden features, for as little as we can. Our Premium US VPN gives you exactly what you need, when and where you need. Access to our 5 US VPN servers will cost you (at maximum) $5.99 per month. This package grants you following:

  • unlimited access to any of our super fast VPN servers located in different cities in USA (5 different servers available in the package)
  • use this package with almost any device available – any Windows PC/laptop/ tablet (including new Windows 8!!!), Mac OS, iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets
  • use any VPN protocol you want – PPTP, L2TP, STTP and Open VPN
  • access sites vie our Proxy (this is why)
  • be safe, be hidden, be anonymous at all time

US VPN gives you additional benefits. Once you change your IP address to US IP address your computer will be recognized as physically present in USA. All sites available to US citizens like HULU, Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant, FOX, ABC, Pandora and Spotify will be open for you.

All that means two things. You and your real IP is always hidden (while connected to VPN network). All your traffic will be encrypted and you will surf the web in complete anonymity and on the top of that you will gain access to sites that  otherwise would not grant you any access.

Combine that with awesome speeds and unlimited traffic and you have a great VPN package for a really good price.

Still not sure? Ask our Friends at Facebook or Google + if they are happy with service we provide.

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