Remember, you are easy to find!

As much as we do not wish to encourage you in pirate activity we are also quite realistic about what our customers do. We also believe (what is more important) that everyone should have a right to maintain privacy in the internet as long as he or she is not breaking the law. There is great discussion going on both sides of the conflict about how internet users should be punished if they download “illegal” stuff from the net. And of course we do have an opinion on this but as with many other things in life there is not easy and straight answer to all issues involved. That is why we would like to refrain from discussion about internet piracy but use this example to show you (and hopefully make you and your friends realize) how easy it is to know exactly WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU do in the internet. Quite a lot of us do use p2p and torrent networks. Reasons to do so are different for each of us as are files we transfer in those networks. However we do find it is not exactly fair and quite straight forward with downloads as same would like to picture this. Again, we do not say, that there are no people out there who know exactly what they are doing. But again, we are quite certain that amongst those thousands IP addresses revealed there are users are completely innocent. But will have problems because thy used wrong software, at the wrong time and without any privacy aid like the one offered by HideIP VPN.

Text by Jesse Hicks:

It’s been almost a year since the producers of The Hurt Locker filed a lawsuit against 5,000 alleged pirates suspected of distributing the film via BitTorrent. Now Voltage Pictures has updated its complaint, adding almost 20,000 IP addresses to the list of defendants. That makes it the largest file-sharing lawsuit of all time — a crown previously held by the company behind The Expendables, according to Wired. The plaintiff has already reached agreements with Charter and Verizon to identify individual users, but no such deal with Comcast, who owns nearly half the supposedly infringing addresses. Linking those addresses with user accounts would let Voltage manage individual settlements — probably somewhere between $1,000-$2,000 — rather than continue legal action. All of this eerily echoes the Oscar-winning film’s plot, about an adrenaline junkie who couldn’t resist downloading just one more movie. Or defusing one more bomb. We’re a little fuzzy on the details, but venture intoTorrentFreak to scan for familiar IP addresses.

So, as you see. If your ISP will cave your IP address and all other details one day might get revealed to third party (not Police or other government agency with court order and valid reasons) just because you will get accused. Since all things like that are done not because of the law (that should be upheld) but because of the money we believe most of the “work” related in you receiving a letter – PAY! is done by computers… and if so thera are bound to be mistakes. Do you wish to be one of them?

If you do value your right to privacy we would like to interest you in our Premium VPN packages.

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For those of you who do use p2p and torrent networks and would like to retain their privacy we have two VPN Packages we would like to point out:

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