Rio 2016 Olympics: dangerous Wi-Fi hotspots!

Rio Olympics: dangerous Wi-Fi hotspots!Those of you who visit our blog from time to time have probably noticed, that quite often we are reminding you about dangers of open, public Wi-Fi networks. Today we got another proof for you that we are not just saying – be careful. Kaspersky Lab and Skycure presented reports that clearly show problem of dangerous Wi-Fi hotspots.

Dangerous Wi-Fi hotspots in Rio

With Olympics in Rio one thing can be assured. There will be a lot of people form all over the world in one place. As always such events and places are occasion for those looking for quick and easy money. In the past that meant pocket thieves and robbers. Now,  with the advance in technology new dangers are looming in the shadows. Here is (in short) what Kaspersky reported.

Kaspersky tested over 4500 access points in proximity of Olympics arenas. Most of them were setup in accordance with 802.11n standard – best for multimedia as it offers bandwidth of up to 600 Mb/s. But, 18% of tested networks were “open”. It means that all data exchanged through such access points are not secured with any type of encryption. This means fairly easy access for those, who would want to exploit them. 7% of those networks were using WPA-Personal algorithm. This algorithm is presumed to be outdated by today’s standards, as it is quite easy to crack. Altogether, 25% of available networks were presumed unsecured and possibly dangerous.

Similar news are brought to us by Skycure. They found out that a lot of “FREE” networks were setup solely for the purpose of hacking, stealing data and money.  But don’t think this only happens in Rio!

Dangerous Wi-Fi hotspots are everywhere!

Especially in places that are popular with tourists. All over the world. We are now traveling more, most of us has a smart device, we want to share our photos, read news from home. At the same time use of GSM network abroad is still extremely expensive. This is why we all use Wi-Fi networks whenever we can.

For hackers this is fairly safe way to steal data. By the time you realize, that your device has been hacked or that cash from your bank account (in most extreme cases) is gone you’ll be long home. How will you know when and where you have used malicious access point?

Always use VPN when connecting to the internet.

At home it will help you maintain your privacy and anonymity. At work or school, beside above mentioned, it might help you access “forbidden” services like Facebook, Google + or Twitter. Abroad it might actually save you cash and stress.

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