Rugby World Cup 2011 – watch with us & ITV UK

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Sorry for late news, but as they say – “Better late than never”. If you guys want to watch (and we can bet that are plenty of rugby fans out there) RWC 2011 regardless of where you are – now you can! Thanks to stable and fast HideIP VPN servers that we have located for your convenience in the UK you can now access ITV live streams (or ITV Player) on you PC/Mac, iPad and Android tablets. Read more to get all the details (for iPad and iPhone users we got special treat!)What you need to do in order to watch is quite simple – if you are already our customer simply connect to one of HideIP VPN UK based servers and either watch the game LIVE or “catch up” using above mentioned ITV Player. If you haven’t used our services yet or you current package dose not contain access to UK based servers follow this link and choose one of UK VPN packages.

Once all is set-up and ready of a PC or Mac (if you got Flash support) just follow links to ITV pages. If you on the other hand use Apple iPad or iPhone follow this link to get a free RCW 2011 ITV app from the app store.

Please note that in order to install this app on your iProduct you might need an account form iTunes UK. To find out how to set it up, please read our post here (and maybe get yourself a US/UK server ;-). To set up UK account you use the same method that is described for US account.

TV SCHEDULE – games to watch live coming soon:

Friday 21.10.2011 at 09:30 – Wales vs Australia

Sunday 23.10.2011 at 10:00 – France vs New Zealand

(since games do take place in Auckland NZ, we suspect that given time is the UK one). As the topic is HOT, please do not forget to share with your friends – thanks!

If are you leaving UK for holidays – with us and ITV you will not miss anything – keep access to your UK TV from all over the world!

Remember, increased security and full anonymity that you get with our service for when you browse internet is added for free 😉

REMEBER – Your IP is Your ID!

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