Find torrents safely, download torrents anonymously

Find torrents safely, download torrents anonymously

We realize that subject of safe torrent downloads or searches for how to download torrents anonymously or any related are very popular. We know that many of you are using our VPN servers in Germany and Netherlands for this purpose only. Either through our best selling and most versatile VPN plan called – Ninja VPN or via BitTorrent VPN. But to know, how to download torrents anonymously is only a part of “success”. 

How to download torrents anonymously?

Lets start with obvious. If you wish to download anything from P2P/Bittorrent network or in general from the internet you should not do so under your own IP address. This address is assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider. Through IP address all internet users can be identified practically within minutes. It is in a way like ordering a product form a pirate shop to your home address. That is something you wouldn’t do… would you? VPN is the answer to this problem. It sits between you and the rest of the internet pretending to be you. Not only it encrypts your traffic, so that your ISP is unable to spy on you, but also it hides your real IP from outside world. But, before you start torrent download with VPN you need to find content you want. And do you know how to do it safely?

How to find torrents safely?

You all know that torrent sites and Bittorrent search engines are under fire. Also, in 99% cases they do make money on you. If you thought “pirates” are like Robin Hood, we are sorry to say, they are not. In some cases they will present you with intrusive ads. If you do not switch ad-blocking software off you will not see content you search for. In other cases – it is actually more and more popular – torrent site will ask you to register an account with them. And again, this is something you do not want to do. But looks like there is a new alternative.

Recent article from TF – brings the story about Skytorrents website. An ad-free experience for users with torrents, privacy and safety in mind. According to information from TF the site does not use JavaScript, does not offer option for account creation, is ok with ad-blocking software and will not install any cookies in your browser.


If you wish to find torrents safely and with privacy in mind – now you know where. If you wish to download torrents anonymously – now you know how. And if you wish to test best VPN offer for free, simply click below to register.


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