Hot Summer Sale – VPN & SmartDNS

VPN saleSummer, time of joy and sun. Summer is also a time of sizzling sales. We understand that right now cold drinks are more essential than VPN or SmartDNS and with that in mind we thought it might be easier for you to get both if we (temporally) lower our price. This way you can get both – cold drinks on beach during your vacation and safety, privacy and entertainment during summer holidays with our VPN and Smart DNS. We think it is especially important to remember that VPN might be even more useful during your holiday travels. Free WiFi hotspots in many places can be mainly set-up to steal your data (read , how our client was robbed – No VPN = trouble). In case you are from USA or UK you need to know that without US VPN you will not be able to access your favourite sites (Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, etc…) during your travels abroad. In case you want to keep watching your beloved shows during foreign vacation SmartDNS will be the best option to unlock US & UK VOD sites.

VPN & SmartDNS sale details…



If you sign up for our awesome SmartDNS in a monthly billing cycle, you will pay only half price  for your first 3 months – save over $11 bucks! To take advantage of this fantastic deal, during registration use code: HOTDNS

Half-price for 3 months, means that your third month actually comes as free!


If you sign up for our famous VPN service in a monthly billing cycle, you will pay 35% less for your first 3 months. To take advantage of this fantastic deal, during registration use code: HOTVPN

Saving 35% each month means, that your 4 month of service comes as free!

Remember!!! Our US and UK VPN packages include SmartDNS service. This means almost total freedom in regard of your privacy, anonymity, on-line safety as well as the way you want to unblock US and UK VOD sites.

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