Secret talks on new “ACTA + HADOPI” for all EU?

One of the Polish IT magazines (Chip and Dziennik Internautów) brought to our attention very disturbing news. Apparently for a while now some classified negotiations are being held with the support of European Commission between Internet Service Providers and copyright owners. Based on documents published last year by French PCINpact those meeting happen on regular basis since 2009. It is possible that much stricter rules of internet usage will be introduced for all EU countries with omission of all democracy rules. Companies like IFPI, ETNO, EuroIspa, Vivendi, Virgin Media, BT, Ofcom and also Amazon, Google and Yahoo! Are all talking behind our backs.

As much as we agree that piracy should be condemned  we cannot agree that every single move of every internet user should be closely watched – “just in case”. It is like in everyday life there would be another person (sort of a policeman) following our every step and watching our every move – just in case we would do something illegal. Apparently copyrights holders wish for monitoring and filtering of internet traffic. All web sites that will be marked (by whom and o what basis) to hold illegal material (or the ones that are a middle man) should be cut of (if they are in EU) or access to those sites will be denied. Someone else will decide what is legal or not, someone else will decide what you can and cannot see, someone will be monitoring your activity over the internet. It looks like a combination of HADOPI and ACTA is coming soon to EU. Also, we would be very surprised if at least some of the technologies that will be used in future to cut off web sites, users, etc… would not be tested as we speak by our ISP’s. We suspect that all p2p/torrent networks are being closely watched and data is collected. Once new law is introduced a lot of people in EU would receive letters with warning (or bill) like French internet users because of their HADOPI initiative.

We would strongly advise all of you to start using any service that you can to make sure your IP and identity is invisible. But make sure you use service well known and recommended as “free” might be costly in some cases. If you wish to still have the comfort of using internet as in the “old days” we recommend to use a VPN service – with our to start with. All our packages guarantee you speed, comfort and safety. No contract, no hidden costs, limits, no logs. Plus as a bonus you can gain access to sites and its content that were not available to you before – like HULU, Pandora, BBC, ITV  and many others (all depends on chosen package). Please take it seriously especially if you happen to use p2p or torrent networks from time to time.

Your IP is your ID – keep it safe!

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