Skype (and VOiP) now illegal in China! We can help!

In their latest move, Chinese authorities had banned all (VOiP) internet telephony to be used in China territory. This means that China are even more closed to the outside world than before. Because sites like Facebook and Twitter are no longer available (without use of VPN or proxy) for Chinese users. If you are affected by this new law please read more and find out what you can do.What exactly this new law means you can find out here : article for The Telegraph ” China makes Skype illegal“. The most important facts are:

  • all internet phone calls were to be banned apart from those made over two state-owned networks, China Unicom and China Telecom.
  • Wang Chen, the deputy head of the Chinese Propaganda department, said: “By November … 350 million pieces of harmful information, including text, pictures and videos, had been deleted [from the Chinese internet].”
  • Skype said: “Users in China currently can access Skype via Tom Online, our partner.”
  • The service [] has been widely criticised for monitoring messages on the network, especially those which mention “sensitive” subjects such as Falun Gong, the banned spiritual movement, and Tibet.
  • According to the new regulations, phone calls from computers to land lines on Skype will be banned, but it may still be legal [of course if you do not mind that someone else is listeningto make calls from computers to other computers.

This is all very bad news for freedom of speech, democracy and for just simple comfort of everyday life. HideIP VPN is one of the solutions to the problem. With our service you will be able to (SAFELY) use Skype or any other VOiP software/protocol. Not only that. Because your real IP will be hidden and all traffic between you and us is encrypted/ciphered you will be able to access all sites you want (even those that are blocked in China) without anyone knowing (while using VPN your ISP can not find out what are you sending, what are you receiving, what sites do you visit).

Please check our Premium section to fine out which one of our packages suits you best. Please remember, that with UK IP you will also gain access to British TV and News, with US IP to sites like HULU and Pandora. Use of our service is completely safe (we are based outside of China). We do not keep logs of your internet traffic. Also, please bear in mind that no contract is necessary – you can pay (or stop) on a monthly basis.

HideIP VPN will do its best to introduce more free accounts (just for Chinese users) as soon as we can. To all others, please remember that by using our service you help (through us) people from other parts of the world as some of the money you spend with us are used to create free accounts for others. For that we want to thank you.

Hoping next news will be much better we wish you all Happy New Year!

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