Smart DNS unblocks new sites!

Smart DNS updateWe have been quiet about new unblocked TV & VOD sites recently. As you can see from our recent posts we have been busy with giveaway of free VPN and Smart DNS accounts. Also, we were hard at work upgrading our VPN network. So far we have upgraded 13 servers to a much higher specification (please take a look at our blog for more detailed information). But all that did not stop us from making Smart DNS unblock tool an even better one! Before we go into details of what was added to our network let us say few words to those of you, who just fund out about this VPN alternative – Smart DNS.

What is Smart DNS?

Smart DNS is a technology, that (unlike VPN) was  not created to increase your safety, online privacy and anonymity but purely for entertainment purposes. This means if you look for a way to encrypt your traffic, data, to change your IP address, to hide IP address you still need to use VPN. However, if all you want is access to best VOD, TV  and music services in the world, an easy access, something with easy setup, that works on many devices – then SmartDNS is your choice number one. Smart DNS combines of DNS server, that translates names of sites and services to numbers, their IP addresses and special proxy servers. When you enter address or your app will request data with geo blocked content our SmartDNS server will redirect necessary packets of data via those special proxy servers. This way you can make Netflix work on Xbox One, phone, Smart TV and any other device capable of using Netflix service.

And it is not only Netflix.

Currently our SmartDNS grants you access to 131 VOD, TV & music services form USA, United Kingdom and Poland. And we are about to add 4 more!

We are very happy to let you know that starting today we have unblocked access to following services:

We hope you will enjoy these. Complete list of all unblocked sites can be found here and if you have any suggestions regarding what should we unblock next, let us know here.

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