Smart DNS got bigger – watch Polish VOD anywhere!

Watch Polish TV & VOD abroadHideIPVPN is very proud to announce, that our great proxy DNS service – Smart DNS got (again) a lot better. Smart DNS, that allows international access to blocked services like Netflix, Hulu and Crackle in USA or BBC, ITV, SKY Go in UK now will allow all its users to access VOD sites in Poland. 

VOD in Poland – what is there to watch?

Before we get to details of this great news let us confirm that price of Smart DNS service remains unchanged. From as little as  $3.24/month you can now access music and video streaming services in three countries – USA, UK and Poland. Also, our proxy DNS service is still included for free in most of our VPN plans, if issues of privacy and anonymity online are one of your concerns.

Now, lets see what is unblocked in Poland….

Oglądaj za granicją oglądaj Kinoplex za granicą Oglądaj TVN za granicą Oglądaj za granicą Oglądaj serwis Oglądaj za granicą Oglądaj HBO Go za granicąOglądaj za granicą

If you are not Polish those names might not tell you a lot, however if you are a Pole living in Germany, United Kingdom, USA (or any other country in the world) you will be very happy to learn, that access to all those sites got that easy!

We would like to emphasize three, very important things.

First, currently access to all Polish VOD sites is in BETA stage. We would like to ask you all (if you are interested of course) to test it as much as possible and if you happen to notice any issues, please report them directly to support[at] . This is the only chance for us to learn that some content is not working properly or that you have problems with watching it on certain devices.

Secondly, we would like to ask you to share this news if you have Polish friends and if you are a Pole. This way (if there is an interest) we will be able to keep this service alive.

Thirdly – that is not all! There is still few VOD services left that will be added to Smart DNS service!

We would like to remind all of you that you can test our DNS unblock service for free without any further commitment (credit card is not required!) for 7 days. Smart DNS is the best way to unblock Poland!


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