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No doubt lots of you has nice, big TV sets at home. Unfortunately if you do not live in USA or UK they are quite useless when it comes to playing your favourite Netflix or BBC shows. Today we will tell you, how you can change all this in quite easy and cheap way thanks to our great SmartDNS service. As you all know, most popular VOD services in US and UK are georestricted.  This means that to access them, you had to either hide IP address you had or at least move your internet traffic via special servers. Until recently our users had limited choice when it came to change of IP address. It was either VPN connection or proxy server. The later was OK, but only as long as internet browsers allowed for such change. VPN is better but not all devices support VPN protocols. From what we know, none of the TV’s you can buy has support for VPN.

In case of TV or Smart TV we have one more issue – applications. In order to watch iPlayer on TV users needs a special app for that. Unfortunately if you want your TV to have  a Netflix app you need to buy your TV in USA. If you want BBC app, you need to buy your TV in UK. How many TV sets do you need and have room for?

So… can anything be done?

SmartDNS mentioned above is a perfect solution to all your problems with change of IP to US or UK one in a device like TV. Simply because you do not have to change anything. If your home router is using our SmartDNS servers, as soons as traffic going to DNS unlocked sites is detected, any of your devices using this network will appear as in US or UK.

Now, how we deal with problem of applications. Go to your local auction site (we checked ebay and got over 5.000 hits!!!) and simply search for Android TV. It is a simple dongle, that you plug to your TV’s HDMI socket. Inside of the dongle you will have an ARM SoC (one, two or quad core), RAM and fully unlocked Android system. In most cases it should be Android 4.1.

Device like that will simply turn your TV into big Android tablet with all its Android capabilities. Getting apps for Netflix, BBC iPlayer and others should be pretty straightforward directly from Google Play. Our advice would be to go for better equipped devices as they will be able to play all your video files (form NAS drive as well). It is also important to remember that good remote, preferably with qwerty and touch pad might be very useful. Also you should be able to use good, old VPN or Smart DNS directly on dongle itself.

We will be very interested to hear your comment on the subject. Perhaps you are already using such solution at home? Share your thoughts on the subject of SmartDNS and Android TV on our Facebook Wall or Google + profile.

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