Spotify is coming to U.S. – hooray!

We have some very exciting news about Spotify. YES!!!! Finally one of the best services for streaming music (in Europe) is coming to US. Now, thanks to us (as long as you have an access to one of our US based VPN servers) you shpuld be able to take an advantage and become “an early adopter”.Connect to any of our US based servers (just to be on a safe side… for the future reference of Spotify servers) and follow this link: and register you e-mail address.

Our experience wit European version of the service tells us that you should get an invite to use US version as soon as all agreements between Spotify and “the U.S. music industry” are signed. If we are correct through our US VPN servers you will be able to use free version of the service and if non US credit card are accepted than maybe even a Premium one. Also there is a good chance that in case of USA a monthly subscription will be a bit cheaper than in EU (instead of 9.99 in British Pounds it might be just $9.99 – Premium version allows for access on mobile devices, no ads and no limits on the service).

We have to wait a bit longer to find out exactly what will be offered but if right now you have an access to our US servers why not try?

If, on the other hand you do not have a right package don’t worry and try it any way! Even if you do not use Spotify you can still use Pandora or hulu for movies and TV Shows – it  is definitely worth it.

To all others… regardless of the Package you use or you think about… VPN increases your safety in the internet and allows you to exchange files, post comments, write blogs or access sites unavailable from you location in complete anonymity without any restriction on speed or amount of send/received traffic.

Remember, Your IP is Your ID!

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