Does Spotify has problem with pirates?

SpotifySpotify is the name that needs no additional introduction. Available in many countries like USA, UK, France it still is not available (directly) to all whom are interested. Through our VPN service you hand swap your IP for the one that originates from US or UK. With such changed IP address you will have no problem in accessing Spotify services. Soon, with our upcoming SmartDNS services you will be able to access streaming services even on devices with no VPN support. But Spotify itself my have just run into problem.

Spotify allows you to stream unlimited number of song to your computer for free (ad supported model). But if you want to listen to your favourite music on different device, offline, etc. well than you have to pay monthly subscription.

With free service via VPN there is no problem. You start VPN connection on your Windows PC or Mac and that’s it. But if you want to pay for the service, beside VPN you will also need  credit card. Why would one want to pay for Spotify. Well, you will gain access to all your playlist on mobile devices (data charges apply) but also you can download music to listen to it offline. Probably because of that (Spotify plans do not look that expensive) someone has created and add-on for Chrome browser called Downloadify. This add-on will allow you to download all song from your playlist in mp3 format. Add-on has been taken down by Google from Chrome Web Store, but as it is with all thing in the internet, we have no doubts that you can still find it out there.

And don’t forget… we hope to be ready with Smart DNS service this month. Follow the link to find out more about Smart DNS functionality.

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