SSTP protocol arrived to our VPN network

Important: New SSTP servers you can find under your Client Area or in our Software for Windows.

HideIPVPN team is extremely happy to inform you that awaited SSTP VPN protocol is finally here. As you know HideIPVPN is a small star in the VPN providers sky. Every single day our users take advantage of our service and enjoy great security, “concrete – like” stability of our network and super competitive pricing. With introduction of SSTP protocol we bring you improved security and ability to connect to our VPN network wherever you like.

We have already sent introductory letter to all our Premium members. In this letter we have promised to bring some more detailed information (don’t worry – not TOO detailed) about what SSTP is.

Before we start however let us get some “bad” news out in the open. SSTP protocol at first will be introduced to 4 of our servers. 1 in each location – US, UK, NL and DE. Over time, more servers will join SSTP network. We want to make sure (as always), that our users are not beta- testers (as it happens with many products these days) and that introduction of new protocol will not interrupt our service for anyone.

It is also important to know that only Windows systems (Vista SP1, Windows 7 and Windows 8) and Linux distro will be able to bring this new functionality to its users. Unfortunately other systems (like Mac OS, iOS, Android) do not support SSTP yet.

Time for some technicality…

SSTP protocol is currently considered to be the most secure VPN protocol. It uses TCP Port 443 for relaying SSTP traffic. User authentication is encrypted with 2048 bit SSL/TLS certificate and traffic itself  is encrypted with 256 bit SSL key. This means that breaking through this kind of security is almost impossible.

What is more important for an average user however is, that SSTP protocol is using a generic port 443, this port is used for general HTTPS network traffic and because of that (unlike other ports, used by L2TP and PPTP protocols) is never blocked by firewalls. This means that if you computer is in VPN “unfriendly” environment like corporate networks, schools or even some national computer networks you will still be able to connect to our VPN servers.

For those of you who would have more questions regarding SSTP or any other VPN protocol we would  like to direct you here:

If you will have any questions in regard of our service (you may as well as other HideIPVPN users direct), please use our Facebook Wall. For those of you who are visiting our site for the first time, you can be sure that our service is 100% customer focused and that none of your queries will remain unanswered.

In the meantime please, have a look at our Premium section and choose the best VPN package for you and don’t forget – Your IP is Your ID!

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