Netflix iOS application updated & more…


We  got some great news for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners that use Netflix service. But that is not all. We also will have small reminder for all of you without VPN or SmartDNS service. If you are looking for one you might be interested. But lets start with some cool news where iPhone 6 and Netflix are regarded.

As you may or may not know, brand new iPhone form Apple comes in two different sizes. Previous generations of iPhone had 4″ screen. Now iPhone got a bit bigger and a lot bigger. iPhone 6 is available with either 4.7″ or massive 5,5″ screen. The bigger one(apparently current Apple’s best seller) has screen resolution of 1920×1080 p. That is proper Full HD resolution on a beautiful device. If you also happen to have Netflix subscription you will be thrilled to hear, that you can now benefit from Netflix Super HD streaming quality as new Netflix iOS application now supports full 1080 p streaming. However there is one catch. You will be able to get this quality on over Wi-Fi connection.

Good news is, that if you want to unblock Netflix outside USA you will have no problem of doing so with our awesome US VPN and Smart DNS. If you want to stream Full HD content on your iPhone(or any other device with support for high definition) we would suggest to unblock US content via our SmartDNS technology. In our “SETUP” section you will find detailed and easy to follow instructions for VPN and Smart DNS setup for different platforms and devices. For most users we would recommend to change DNS settings on your home router so that all your devices can benefit from it.

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For now we can only say this… Thanksgiving and Black Friday are coming soon…

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