Browsing without VPN can be very costly….

Don't surf without VPN protection!

Don’t surf without VPN protection!

Remember our posts about risk of browsing Internet without additional protection offered by VPN? Today we have warning posts, that will be a solid proof that we are right – if you are using Internet without VPN, under your own, unchanged IP address – you are asking for trouble! 

How much cost not using VPN?

Perhaps logo presented above is unknown to you and you have not heard about latest problems of Internet users in Germany. Than let us, in short tell you what is going on.

RedTube is video streaming site, very similar to YouTube. The big difference is, that via RedTube you can watch for free porn clips and movies. It is not a secret that such content is very popular in the internet. So in theory we should not be surprised that someone got a letter with copyright infringement allegations. How ever this case is quite different.

First torrents and p2p, now it is time for other services… – hide your IP!

Until now, such letters were send to people using torrent and p2p networks under their own IP addresses. In such cases, in countries where such downloads are illegal they (if lucky) were warned or cut off from the net by ISP. If unlucky, they received a letter from one of copyright trolls companies (as such law firms are often named), demanding payments – damages, lawyer fees, etc… This case is different.

This time those companies targeted users that simply streamed (watched online) desired content. How did they got IP address? How did they translated IP address to real life address? And the most important part – were users really breaking the law?

Do I need VPN….? Why!?!

Ok, you might say “I don’t watch porn on-line, I am not concerned”. And unfortunately this is where you are very, very wrong. You, we al should be concerned.

Let say, you go to YouTube. Site no different really from RedTube. Plenty of different videos uploaded by users. Songs, movies, clips, cartoons. And a lot of them are under copyright protection. How can you be sure that another big company (that owns the rights), together with  lawyers will come up with the idea that if “RedTube case” was possible we can do the same. How do you think… is it easier to sue Google and get money… or is it easier to sue you? And if such thing would happen…how sure are you that Google (or any other site) will have your back and your identity will not be disclosed?

You simply browse the internet. In case of torrents and p2p one might now, that downloading movie is not necessary OK. But will you know if watching video clip or reading article is also such crime? Perhaps a site you are visiting has stolen content (photo, text, music, video) form somewhere. Or perhaps other  users have uploaded such content? How will you know? We know it is absurd, but watching porn at RedTube just to find out you are charged 250 Euros for doing so also is. Wouldn’t you say?

HideIPVPN has long ago foreseen that things like that will happen. And trust us. It is just the first case. Such actions will be repeated in all other countries like UK, USA, France, Japan, Australia, etc… And if successful they will be true confirmation of end of privacy in the internet.

Solution is called VPN – hide IP before it is disclosed

Now,  you already know what to do. The best way to avoid such problems in future is to take pre-emptive action. Get VPN hide your IP! If your IP address is hidden and unknown to site you visit or service you you… there is no risk that such unpleasant situation will ever happen to you.

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