Sunday with BBC iPlayer

bbc-iplayer-betaEvery now and than we try to recommend you some thing you can watch through our VPN network. This time we would like to focus you attention on some very interesting movies presented by BBC iPlayer. Great thing about this service that it offers awesome quality and is free to use, as long as you can change your IP address to UK IP. Let us (first) tell you how to do it. HideIPVPN is one of the best (but not the biggest) VPN services you can use this days. If we caught your attention and you are wondering how to get your IP changed in order to get to British TV online, let us help you.

VPN service creates a tunnel between you and VPN server you will access. Traffic is encrypted, so it is safe and one connected VPN server “pretends” to be you. That is in short how VPN works. For more details just read posts on our blog.

Now, in order to watch BBC online (or any other British TV service) you will need to change your own IP to UK one. Here we would like to offer you our Premium VPN services that will allow you to do it. How ever we want to make sure you know what you buy and that service will work for you as it should. Because of that we would like you to use our Free VPN trial first, before you commit.

Now that all is clear and you know how to get British IP via VPN (or proxy as we give you that choice as well), time to recommend few monies that you might enjoy this days:

Cinderella Man:

“Biopic of legendary 1930s boxer James Braddock, who returned to the ring after retirement as the underdog contender for the heavyweight championship. After losing everything during the Depression, Braddock makes a last ditch attempt to pay off his debts that leads him on a path to a title shot against the overwhelming favourite, Max Baer.” – starring Russel Crowe


A Fish Called Wanda:

Offbeat black comedy in which a con artist uses her female charms to steal a stash of jewels from her gangster boyfriend, taking advantage of his henchman and a lawyer – with whom she later falls in love – to realise her cunning plan. The group’s various criminal escapades are often complicated by the presence of a hapless mobster, whose mission to kill an elderly witness proves increasingly hard.” – starring John Cleese, Kevin Kline and Jamie Lee Curtis.


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice:

“Action comedy. Ten years after a traumatic boyhood encounter with the forces of magic, shy science student Dave Stutler is again caught in the middle of the mystical fight between Balthazar, a follower of Merlin, and Horvath, who betrayed the cause by siding with evil Morgana – for the pair have brought the battle to New York.” – starring Nicolas Cage


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