Top Gear series 20 returns to BBC Two

Top Gear S20 Smart DNS UK VPNSummer has started and as usual our beloved Top Gear is returning BBC Two. Before we will tell you when exactly and what to expect in first episode let us tell you about two ways that will allow you to watch it live! We start with our old friends VPN. above this article you will notice button called “Order VPN”. This will lead you to selection of all our VPN packages. VPN is a technology that does two things. It hides your own IP address and replaces it with new IP address from country desired by you (if such VPN server is available in your package). In order to watch BBC Two (also BBC One, BBC iPlayer, ITV, 4oD or Netflix UK) you have to choose package with access to UK VPN servers. This will allow you to create virtual tunnel between you and  VPN server in UK. This way all your traffic (data you send and receive) will be channelled through this selected server. This will increase your on-line anonymity (and safety) and will allow you to access sites (like mentioned BBC) protected with geo-blockade. To learn a bit more about our VPN what it does and how it is useful we suggest you this post: Why should I use VPN. If you want to lear even more, just read our older posts.

Right now, HideIPVPN can offer you one more option. It will not increase you safety on-line like VPN does, but it will allow you to easily access geo restricted sites in US and UK – SmartDNS. VPN and Smart DNS are a bit different from each other. This post, SmartDNS vs VPN should allow you to make a smarter choice of technology you require. SmartDNS will work on larger number of devices and is a bit simpler to use as after one time setup you do not need to connect to specific server to use site or service. Right now you can also take advantage of the special promotion we run for our Premium Smart DNS package. Click and read, to register SmartDNS with special discount.

With all the technical info behind us lets get to rest of news. Top Gear series 20 will start at BBC Two on 30th of June at 20:00 (UK time). You will join Jeremy Clarkson and James May in New Zealand as they will race a car and a boat. At the same time Richard Hammond will try to decide what is the best hot hatch out there now.

Top Gear series 20 will consist of 6, 1h long episodes. Enjoy!

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