Top Gear – update

You probably remember our recent post about new series of Top Gear. As it turns out those episodes were  just a “special treat” for Christmas and New Year. The real deal starts today. So this time for sure and  officially – new season of Top Gear Starts tonight at 8.00 PM (UK time).To all of you who do not know that all main BBC channels are available to watch on-line (LIVE) – connect to one of our UK based servers (you can choose one of the following Premium packages – more details in this subject at the end of this post). Once coonected go to BBC Two web site or simply click this link: and choose “Watch Live”. That is it. No software downloads, no extra hassle. On iPhone (or other mobiles devices), PC and Mac – enjoy Live BBC from any location in the world!

If you have not used our services yet there is few facts you need to know:

  • HideIP VPN service = no contract (you can change package or cancel at any time*)
  • HideIP VPN = no speed limits (speed depend only on your location and your ISP’s international  network connections)
  • HideIP VPN = no traffic limits ( you can use VPN connection 24/7)
  • HideIP VPN = no download necessary
  • HideIP VPN = no logs on your connections

And what we think is the most important part of this service, surfing through HideIP VPN means 100% anonymity – Your IP is Your ID (we will keep it safe and hidden).

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If you just read this information right now we got good and bad news for you!

Bad news is that first episode of new series has ended about 15 minutes ago – sorry you have missed it (expect new one on coming Sunday, same time).

Good news is that you can still watch it with no hassle :-). Just fire up your UK VPN connection and visit this address: Gear at BBC iPlayer and remember – you got until 7:59PM Sun, 20 Mar 2011 to watch it – we hope this time you will make it ;-).

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