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Last updated on November 29th, 2010 in News

We know you like Top Gear (we do as well!) and we know you all can’t wait until 2011 when new series starts at BBC 2. Three “crazy” Brits, great cars and wild ideas – who wouldn’t love it? Don’t worry as soon as new series start we will let you know so (with access to our Premium UK servers) you can enjoy it live at BBC2 or on demand with BBC iPlayer. In the mean time we would like to propose something new. Maybe equally good? We do not know – see for yourself. Once connected to one of our US servers you can watch all new Top Gear USA. Again, three guys, great cars and some wild and crazy ideas.Please bear in mind that at the there is a lot more to watch. Also at the bottom ot the site you can find links to even more online video. At A&E TV you can watch some popular dramas and other shows (you can find complete list here: A&E Shows). According to them this is the site with “Real Life and Real Drama”. If on the other hand you would like to watch something easy, something about love or you want to make you girlfriend/wife happy with something to watch just for them go to myLifeTime where good endings never ends :-).

All propositions mentioned above are available with our packages that include access to our US servers (for example: for only $5.99/month or if you want to have all options open). Please remember that if you current package dose not contain access to US servers you can always try. With us there is “no strings attached” – if you do not like it the next month you can go back to your current package. HideIP VPN equals freedom of choice and freedom of “your” internet. No more spying on your surfing, no more restricted sites, no more long term commitment with the service!

HideIP VPN would like to thank you for choosing us as you VPN provider, please share you thought with us (we constantly aim to be better – for you) and recommend us to your friends and family.

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