Piracy in UK – things are getting worse!

Piracy is a crime - get VPN

Do you remember our latest post about change of policy towards Internet piracy in United Kingdom? If not do not read the whole story (as it looks like it was not true) but what we told you at the end. In our opinion, whatever news was true or not VPN today is still something you must use! 

UK – even harsher punishment for “pirates” on its way!

Why all this misinformation? Well, it started as usual. Someone read something, draw out wrong conclusion and posted in the internet, that in 2015 United Kingdom will not punish anyone for Internet piracy. However this is very far from the truth.

Creative Content UK (group that incorporates large ISP as well as representatives of movie and music industry) signed new agreement, that is supposed to promote legal access to content (in part exactly what we do 😉 ). In theory it is supposed work as follows:

1. Representatives of copyright owners and distributors (companies specialized in monitoring P2P & torrent networks) will be checking peer-to-peer networks (like torrents) in search for copyrighted content.

2. Once the content is localized, all IP addresses sharing this content will be checked (*)

3. After that, ISP will give away all details of IP address owner and a special letter will be send. It will contain information that recorded activity is illegal. At the same time it will be instruction where one can find legal alternatives for cultural content. Up to 4 letter will be sand to each person (that violates copyrights) per year.

The idea behind this action is, that not all the people might know that what they do is considered a crime. In some cases parents might not be aware of what their children are doing online. But as we said, no one dreams that a true “pirate” will change his or her ways just because of such letter.

There are two very important facts however. First is, that law in UK will not be changed in order to decriminalize Internet piracy. Second, that all involved companies can still claim their damages and sue everyone fond sharing such content.

Also, people with 4 warring letters might expect additional action from their ISP – lowering broadband bandwidth or need to contact customer services before they will be able to use Internet connection again. This is just a prelude before British government will introduce Digital Economy Act!

Digital Economy Act – what you should know.

DEA, was introduced in 2010 but it is still not in force. However, part of it – Copyright Infringement List is already growing. Copyright Infringement List is a list created by ISP’s. It contains all details of  notorious pirates. Notorious pirate is a person that (for example) received 4 warning letter mentioned above. Copyright owners will have an easy access to this list and they will be able to use it in order to quickly identify and sue people considered to be pirates.

Also bear in mind, that already there is plenty of blocked websites with pirated content. All this is done in accordance with Copyright, Designs and Patents Act.

Get VPN! Always use VPN in UK!

With all that in mind + knowing that “Big Data” is not an empty word in UK we strongly advice you to secure yourself with VPN. VPN protection is a must in such treacherous conditions. Especially that GCHQ is also looking at everything you do online.

Your IP is your ID – better be safe, than sorry!

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