Ukraine blocks Russian social network websites

Ukraine blocks Russian social network websites

Looks like Ukraine is trying to get back at Russia after terrible events of past months. Unlawful annexation of Crimea and war Russians have started in Donbas. Considering options Ukrainians are left with this move – as smart as it is – might also hit Ukrainian Internet users. Since yesterday Ukraine blocks Russian social network websites. If you still need to access blocked Russian websites here is how our VPN will help. 

Ukraine blocks Russian social network websites

Over 400 websites in Russia are inaccessible for users from Ukraine since yesterday. That includes the most popular ones like the Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Yandex as well as Ukrainians want to stop Russian companies from making money on internet users form Ukraine and – what might be even more important – they want to stop Russian propaganda from spreading in Ukraine. Surprisingly, looks like Russian companies might actually feel that slap. According to SimilarWeb service, the traffic from Ukraine is about 17.55% of the, 15.15% of Odnoklassniki and 10.53% for So, looks like there might be significantly less traffic now on some Russian websites and smaller revenue from ads.

Unblock access with VPN

As you know VPN service can hide your IP address. It can also make websites believe you are in different location than your really are. In this particular case it is not the websites themselves that block your access – like in case of VoD sites form different regions. This time around it is a “local” Ukrainian ISP’s blocking access to specific Internet addresses in Russia. With VPN connection active you no longer access Russian websites directly – or any other for that matter. Because all the information you exchange with VPN server is encrypted and ISP can no longer block your access to any website. And the website itself will not be able to report your actual location.

For best performance with accessing blocked websites in Russia from within Ukraine we recommend  for you to use our VPN servers in Netherlands, Germany and Poland. They are a lot closer to Russian network and you will not notice any delays when browsing the web. If you have any questions let us know in the comment section below. If you only started to look for solution now don’t worry – you can start with testing our VPN service first. Click below to register for free VPN trial – no credit card necessary.



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