Unblock access to social sites at work and school

Did you ever run into a problem of opening a specific site when you connected to the internet from school, university or corporate network? If so, this article is for you – because we have a solution that will put all this problems to the past, forever. Our solution is called VPN service. Reasons for corporations, companies, schools and universities to block sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Google + and many others are as different as our reasons to get there. Luckily for us and you all the methods used are not really 100% efficient. Also, if you use “corporate” network you have to remember that your employer (or school authorities) will have full and unrestricted access to information what sort of websites do you visit and what you actually do over the internet. This means that even visiting sites such as Facebook is not blocked but not welcome you might still get in trouble.

The same way we keep your anonymity when you are at home or the way we let you access sites such as Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer through our VPN servers we can make sure that we will keep you safe (and in some case entertained) when you are at work or school.

Get your self one of our VPN packages (or try our VPN service for Free! first) and no one – your home ISP, you work/school network administrator will have no access to any information you exchange with the internet.

Still not convinced? How about this… our service equals:

  • no contract – you can cancel and renew at any time
  • no speed & traffic limitations – you can be connected to our VPN network 24/7
  • unlock access to sites like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant, BBC, ITV and many others
  • full anonymity in the internet – your IP is always hidden in our servers (swap your IP for UK IP or US IP)
  • unrestricted (with some packages), unlimited and fully anonymous file exchange service via p2p and torrent networks, again with full anonymity
  • access to our proxy servers

Try and we promise you will not regret!

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