Unblock Canada with Smart DNS

blogsmartIt has been quiet recently about our Smart DNS service. No issues. It just works. However that dos not mean that we were not doing anything. Quite contrary. We were hard at work to make our Smart DNS service even better. It is our great pleasure to announce that you can unblock Canada with our Smart DNS!

What is Smart DNS? Is Smart DNS VPN?

Before we get to the main subject of today’s post we thought (for all those of you who just googled us out) it might be a good idea to tell you basics about Smart DNS and VPN. First of all – Smart DNS is not VPN. With VPN you can encrypt your data, anonymize your Internet traffic, use torrents in full anonymity, you can hide your IP, you can get IP address form another country. But for all that you need to have a VPN enabled device and you need to remember about starting VPN connection first.

Smart DNS is different. It has only one purpose – to unblock video and music services form different regions. It will not change your IP address and it will not grant you anonymity like VPN. But it works almost with any device, if you set up Smart DNS on your home router, there is no limit to how many devices can you service at the same time. hat is more – they can access completely different services.

Smart DNS is a combination of special DNS server and very fast premium proxy servers in different countries. If you would like to know more – ask us or simply search our blog. What is important to know is that it is very efficient, trouble free and super easy tu setup (only once!) and use.

Unblock Canada – new location added

With our Smart DNS you were able (so far) to use services from USA (Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Spotify and more), from UK (BBC, iPlayer, ITV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky and more) and Poland (HBO Go, Ipla, tvplayer.pl, videostart.pl).

Today we have added Canada VPN as another location available with Smart DSN. Despite this fact price of our Smart DNS package remains the same. Updates to our free VPN app (for Windows and Mac) that will allow you to change Netflix region to Canada (from US or UK) are coming soon. Those of you wishing to use Netflix Canada now, please change Netflix region via “Client Area“.

Unblock Canada and enjoy following…

Services in Canada that can be accessed via Smart DNS are:

Netflix Canada
MTV Canada
Show Case
CBC Sports
CBC Radio
CBC Music

If you wish to test our Smart DNS service, please click button below. No commitment and 7 days of unlimited, free Smart DNS service.

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